In 2008 Mincon introduced its newest range of DTH Hammers and DTH Bits, The MC Range.

The MC Range of tools is unique in that they do not use a foot valve on the drill bit. The MC range includes a patented bit retention system that allows for a fully supported bit in the bit chuck. This provides for a much sturdier shank design greatly reducing the possibility of drill bit shanking. With more spline engagement than a traditional DTH bit the amount of spline wear is greatly reduced when compared to other traditional drill bits.

MC60 640x160 a4acda56aaaa239284b23a8d57571923 The Mincon MC Range of DTH hammers and Bits are specifically built for applications where high penetration rates are important. The unique design concept provides much greater impact energy and drill performance to maximize productivity in almost all ground conditions.

With an optimized air flow and exhaust system the MC range is designed to be able to drill efficiently against large volumes of water at depth. This feature makes the MC range of tools the preferred choice for deep hole contactors where back pressure due to water in the borehole is an issue.

MC61Since their introduction the MC range of tools have become the tools of choice for the following industries:-

–          Blast Hole
–          Geothermal
–          Waterwell
–          Aggreate Blast Hole
–          Open Pit Mining
–          Seismic
–          Oil and Gas

For those of you just getting to know us, we welcome you and hope you will come to understand why we are recognized globally as “Leaders in Rock Drilling Technology”.